Campaigning mum wins award after daughter’s diabetes diagnosis

A DUNFERMLINE mum whose daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at just eight-years-old has been honoured with a national award for volunteering.

Caroline Held, from Dunfermline, was presented with the Diabetes Scotland Campaigning and Influencing Inspire Award after dedicating her time to campaigning on behalf of her now 11-year-old daughter, Rubyann, and other families who face the same struggles.

Rubyann was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes three years ago. Caroline explained: “When Rubyann was diagnosed it was a huge shock and traumatic for all the family.

“With no time to process this life-changing diagnosis, we had to quickly learn how to manage diabetes from carb-counting food to dosing insulin, testing blood and giving injections.

“It was difficult to come to terms with the fact that there is no cure for Type 1 diabetes and Rubyann will have it for life.

“I made Rubyann a promise that I would do everything I could to make it easier for her.

“Learning to manage the condition was difficult enough but what I found unacceptable is the additional issues that arise such as dealing with stigma and discrimination, issues with schools, having to fight for access to medical equipment, and the effect the condition has on mental health.

“I don’t want my daughter or anyone else living with diabetes to have to face any more challenges than necessary and that’s what motivates me to campaign for improved care and support.”

Angela Mitchell, national director of Diabetes Scotland, said: “Caroline is an extremely committed volunteer who is passionate about raising awareness of diabetes and campaigning for improved care and services.

“She and her husband, Carlton, are a great support to many families and people living with diabetes in Fife and beyond.”

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