Pancreas transplant a way out of type 1 Diabetes yet to make a mark

Pancreas TransplantMedical science has reached new levels. As disease arise cures are also invented. Something that is common in the west but has just become a new phenomenon in India is Pancreas Transplant. Mumbai city just witnessed its first Pancreas transplant a few days ago. When a woman with Type 1 Diabetes (Click Here to read more about Diabetes) and renal failure was transplanted Kidneys and Pancreas from a 16-year-old brain dead patient. The first of its kind that happened in the city. This procedure may be new to India but it has been done in the west for quite some time now.

Pancreas Transplant has been done to patients that have been suffering from Type 1 Diabetes more commonly known as Juvenile Diabetes. The procedure does not require for the old organ to be replaced. It is placed in a different place of the body retaining the original organ unlike traditional Transplants where the old body part is replaced. Originally the Pancreas are located behind the stomach in the left side of the abdomen and is connected to the duodenum which is the first part of the small Intestine.

Pancreas Transplant has a very high success ratio compared to other transplants

Pancreas Transplant is often clubbed with Kidney Transplant both organs from the same Donor. Patients that suffer from Type 1 Diabetes and have developed renal failure as well are the patients who undergo this kind of dual transplant. Unlike other transplants, Pancreas transplant have a high success ratio as high as 95% people still alive after a year. 85% of the transplanted organ is also functioning as it is supposed to. However, patients have to be on Immunosuppressive drugs for life after that. Since the body may resist an organ from another body.

The procedure however, is restricted to only patients suffering from Type 1 Diabetes and not anyone else. People suffering from Pancreatic Cancer cannot go through this procedure. Since the original organ is never replaced and can cause spread of the disease to other organs. Pancreatic cancer itself get detected at a very late stage which makes the procedure of transplant unviable. Organ Donation is a noble cause no mater whether it is the Pancreas or any other organ.  Governments and medical professionals should do much more to encourage organ donation.

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